Saturday, October 27, 2012

fall/winter meal plans, back to the beginning

Fall/Winter Meal Plans - cycling through week 1

I'm back to Week 1 of our Fall/Winter meal plans, which is when the plan starts to be really helpful!  I don't have to add a new twist to our plans, and can enjoy the recipes I've already planned in advance.  Usually that works, but sometimes I still adjust things as needed.  This week I'm sticking to our plans, but decided to have nachos instead of cashew chicken.  We're also having pecan salmon (from a couple week's ago) instead of the baked oatmeal.  Economically it was more helpful to use up the ingredients we had on hand and the salmon that was still frozen.  Our sides will be...

chili WITH cornbread muffins, and baked streusel apples


whole chicken WITH baked sweet potatoes, and rolls (leftover from our meatloaf night last week)


chicken pot pie WITH leftover baked streusel apples

nachos WITH chicken, black beans, and avocado

pecan salmon WITH rice, and acorn squash

I've also been enjoying this healthy banana smoothie recipe for breakfast, lunch (on my day at home), or just a snack...  thanks to Pinterest for so many good ideas!  If you try the smoothie, I've been adding a tiny bit of vanilla and honey as the yogurt I've used is plain.  I didn't cook the oatmeal before hand, and use quick oats as other reviewers mentioned in the comments.  I also added some ground flax seed, and can't taste it at all :)


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