Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fall/Winter freezer surplus meal plans

We're taking a break from our regular Fall/Winter meal plan rotation to enjoy the surplus we've accumulated in the freezer and to try a few new recipes...

Fall/Winter Freezer Surplus Week

spaghetti with homemade sauce, spicy turkey meatballs (I bought one pound of Italian sausage for $1 this week with an amazing Earth Fare coupon!), toasted ravioli (frozen!), salad (also part of the amazing Earth Fare deal)
*this is an unusually large meal, but we decided to have an extra special dinner just for fun... so I served it in courses!  I think I'll post more about it soon.

from Passionate Homemaking

from Food Network, The Barefoot Contessa

deep dish chicken pot pie, fruit (from our freezer surplus)

nachos (with our freezer surplus of cilantro lime taco chicken), black beans

from All Recipes

cilantro lime rice (with the rice in our pantry)
*we're contributing to our community group's pot luck taco night!

from Skinny Taste

ham and beans (using the remaining bag of dried beans from a couple weeks ago), cornbread, baked apples (using the remaining streusel topping that I froze a couple weeks ago as well)

from Plain Chicken

from Cooking Outside the Box

chicken pesto pizza (using the remaining chicken tenderloins I boiled for a meal last week)
*I use mozzarella in place of fontina cheese

from All Recipes


Papa John's pizza (free with our code from a few weeks ago!)
*I'm going to a "girl's night" with the other ladies in our community group... any heavenly snack suggestions you've tried lately?  I'm sure I'll check out Pinterest ideas, but a personal referral in always the most convincing :)  Matt likes to say women like dip, haha, I think it's always a safe bet too!

*So thankful to use what the Lord has provided in our freezer and pantry this week!  The meatball recipe I tried on Friday night also worked toward starting to fill the freezer again, as it made LOTS of delicious meatballs.  I think I'll save them for our family visiting during the holidays :)

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