Tuesday, September 4, 2012

wonderful weekend

from our friend Cherish their wedding photographer!
I'm so thankful for the wonderful weekend I enjoyed!  We traveled to Kansas City and stayed with Matt's mom so that we could celebrate the marriage of our good friend Hannah to her new husband Adam.  Hannah and I found one another as "kindred spirits" about 8 years ago and have kept in touch during each of the seasons since... we were interns with middle and high school girls (for two glorious summers), we were college students, she was overseas, we were pen pals, we prayed for one another, we tried to advise one another, we met at Starbucks (I learned to love chai tea), we read, we talked and listened, we graduated and worked, she was in my wedding after telling Matt that his pursuit of me would be good (I'm so thankful for her encouragement to him!), she held my baby girl, we still talked and listened, I rejoiced over her engagement and was thrilled to join her wedding party!  What blessings the Lord gives us in friendship, it is clear to me through friends like her.  Now Matt and I look forward to gaining a new friend in Adam as we get to know him more.  The weekend was full and blessed.  Witnessing marriage that is obedient to the Lord and His commands is so rare and amazing.  Watching as godly parents give away their youngest daughter so that she might leave and cleave is the Word come to life.  I don't have a word to describe it, it's right in the purest of ways and it brings glory to the Lord.  At weddings like this, I realize all the Lord intends in marriage.  As Matt and I look forward to our 5th anniversary this December, I'm reminded of the many blessings we've enjoyed thus far in God's good gift to us found in marriage.  I'm also encouraged to run hard to the Lord with Matt, seeking and trusting Him as He continues to lead and unite us together while serving Him.  No other way will be so right, and bring Him such glory as a marriage ordered by the Word and lived through trust in Him.  I'm so thankful to have been one of the many standing to witness their holy vows.  May the Lord's faithfulness and grace sustain them each day as they grow in love for one another, all for the glory of the Lord.

another great friend and bridesmaid with me!

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