Saturday, September 15, 2012

a pretty quiet week

We've enjoyed a calm week here which is really nice...

Tuesday -

Ms. M.K. was surely wondering
"what are you wearing Moriah?"
The girls and I played in the morning and took a nice walk to the mailroom on campus.  Double strollers are SO helpful!  We picked Mr. S. up from pre-school, ate lunch together, and played a bit in the afternoon with new birthday gifts for Mr. S.  We also enjoyed time in the sandbox again as we haven't played there quite as much this summer.  I secretly (and selfishly) try to coordinate our sandbox days with the every-other-day baths :)

working hard!

Wednesday -
While Mr. S. was at school this morning, Moriah and Ms. M.K. enjoyed a playdate with some sweet twin babies.  It was fun to play at the park and we also got some exercise walking the loop!  I didn't realize when we set out that we'd walk 1.2 miles, but walking is nice exercise and the weather was lovely.  Mr. S. came home for lunch and then it was time to rest.  We had plenty of watermelon to use, so after naps Mr. S., Moriah, and I enjoyed a yummy watermelon smoothie.  It was really refreshing and so easy!  We used a Pinterest recipe with watermelon (3-4 cups), vanilla yogurt (1/2 cup), and ice (6 cubes) - very good, and one to remember next year. *Naturally now I can't find the smoothie recipe again, I'm pretty certain those were our measurements though I'd trust your own judgment if you make it at home!

Thursday -
This was a funny morning for us!  Matt was at home, going in to work late, and wanted to do some birthday shopping for me.  We brought Ms. M.K. along with us (with her mom's permission!) and headed to the mall.  The girls loved the fountains, and we were able to buy Moriah's fall/winter shoes as well.  We picked Mr. S. up from school and headed back to the house.  After naps we all played with Play-Doh and tried out Mr. S.'s new pizza set for Play-Doh, the cheese grater was our favorite!  Since all have been a bit puny lately Ms. M.K. was headed to the doctor this afternoon so we left a bit early.

Friday -
Moriah's been feeling a bit sickly, so we all went to the doctor's office together this morning.  Turns out, Moriah is teething with her top 2 year old molars (they're the last baby teeth she'll get in!) which we knew and also had a hard time with Kentucky's seasonal allergies.  As you might guess, a visit to the pediatrician with three little ones is an adventure in and of itself :)  After our trip, we visited a favorite place, Henry's Ark and fed the animals their favorite carrots.  Everyone enjoys walking and seeing animals here so all were happy for the outing.  We ate lunch, played with the apple and acorn sensory box, and rested.  After naps I enjoyed an early birthday celebration complete with tasty peanut butter chocolate cookies and a picture from Mr. S.  I'm so thankful for their kindness in remembering to celebrate with us as well!

who knew camels would eat carrots?

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