Saturday, September 8, 2012

back to work - first week of September

After a really short week last week and the long weekend's travels for a wedding I'm back to work!  This week marked the official start of "4 day 4's" pre-school for Mr. S.  So he's away at school from 9:15-12:15 each morning... adding in commute times, he arrives home at at 12:45pm for lunch then it's just about rest time for all.  He'll be with us on Fridays, but Monday through Thursday the girls and I will stay busy on our own.  Our days are quieter in some ways, though we also miss his fun :)  This has been our week:

Tuesday -
Girls and I ran errands to re-stock on essentials we were out of upon returning from the weekend.  They're troopers to accompany me to Big Lots and our Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, we needed bathroom things, milk, and fresh fruit to stretch us through the week!  Mission accomplished.  The girls make shopping carts a bit trickier, and I'm surprised to learn that so many stores only have carts with room for one child seated.  Since the girls are little and fairly good natured shoppers they can sit together for a short trip, squeezing two little legs into an opening meant only for one :)  I'd only try this on a fast trip and I know it's not the most comfortable.  Any tips from moms with lots of little ones trying to move quickly through a store?
After our morning of errands we made it back to play and then have lunch ready for Mr. S.  After resting all played happily at the house!

The girls and I tried a new adventure by going to ChickFilA for Tot Time this morning.  While the craft was a little above their heads, they enjoyed playing with LOTS of other little ones in the tunnels.  Both girls are strong enough and brave enough to climb all the way up now.  It's wild to see, as time is really flying.  While they both went up and came down happily and willingly today I'm hoping they never refuse to leave by staying in a tunnel - seems like a nightmare :)  We don't play at places like that very often so we'll see how long it's a hit.  Each week ChickFilA in our area is hosting this time with a different theme.  They even served complementary coffee to the moms, a perk!

After our fun start to the morning, we returned for Ms M.K. to have an abbreviated morning nap.  As she napped Moriah and I did some painting, practicing making lines that go up and down and others that go side to side.  She loved it and enjoyed painting.  She also played with colorful counting bears and did some sorting with me.  Lest you think she's only interested in directed activities, she also had lots of fun with counting bear "tea" filling up tea cups with bears and pouring them out again :) 

After M.K. awoke we enjoyed a little nature walk outside the house, looking at flowers and counting the pumpkins growing in the garden!  We came back in so that the girls could enjoy a new sensory box while I prepared lunch before Mr. S. arrived.  He likes these boxes and does well with them, though two little ones at a time seems better than all three.  He'll try it after his rest!  Our sensory box is a an inexpesive hinged rubbermaid sort of craft supply container.  Right now it's filled with pinto beans, decorative acorns, and decorative apples.  I also added some wooden tongs, plastic spoon, play pots and pans and a bowl for filling, dumping, pouring, sorting, transferring, etc.  It's a hit!  I'm hoping to change the box out each month with new themed materials.

September sensory box
Thursday -
The girls and I had another fun morning together.  They were great to play well at the apartment as I got life back in order after our trip, and too many late nights and late rising mornings this week.  Then, we enjoyed a new-to-us baby lap-sit storytime at the St. Matthews public library.  It was great!  We read a book, and learned so many cute new songs and rhymes.  This was our favorite...

"This is big (arms outstretched)
this is small (hands cupped)
This is short (hands showing short)
this is tall (hands showing tall)
This is fast (a fast rolling motion)
this is slow (a slower motion)
This is high (arms up)
this is low (arms down)
This is yes (nod)
this is no (shake head)"
*I think there's another line or two that I missed, and they may be out of order!

Then we came back to the apartment so that Ms. M.K. could have a morning nap while Moriah and I had "school" :)  We were off to pick Mr. S. up from school, then back just in time to eat and have rest for all.  We ran out to the library and brought back a collection of fun read alouds post-naps!

Friday -
After picking up the kids, we stopped by a nice fenced park in a beautiful area of town to play.  While the little ones weren't fazed, all became pretty dirty in the wet mud/mulch from our recent wet weather!  After our outing to use our energy, we spent our morning at the Speed Art Museum's Art Sparks area.  The kids LOVE it here, especially the Dutch kitchen inspired by a painting.  I didn't realize the Speed's closing was arriving so soon, later this month to be exact!  We walked through the upper floor and commented on real art before we left as I figured we should enjoy it while it lasts.  The little ones were content as we pointed out portraits including children, the clothing of people pictured, the details we saw, etc.  They're happy to do all sorts of things, as long I talk to them about it!  We made a fast stop at the gift shop as well and picked up a Mr. Doodle book.  There was a 30% off sale, which can't be beat.  Have you seen these clever books?  They look like doodles with colorful photographs added throughout, lots of fun!  We'll miss mornings like this one, as the museum will be undergoing a three year renovation.  After lunch, all rested and played.  We also enjoyed a September apple dessert... thinly sliced apples sandwiched together with peanut butter and chocolate chips.  Yummy!

our last outing to see the ship at Art Sparks!

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