Friday, September 28, 2012

weekly wrap up - end of September

Friday's play dough - if only I knew how to catch motion
on my camera without a constant blur, tips? :)
Tuesday was like most others, pretty laid back.  I went out to their house first thing today as I wasn't helping drop off or pick up Mr. S. today.  The girls and I enjoyed playtime (and Moriah's laundry!) then went off to the library for story time.  The main branch of the Oldham County library has the BEST story time in my opinion after visiting a few others in Louisville.  It's always well organized, and keeps the little ones on track from one read aloud, song, or activity to the next.  Tuesday was parachute day!  The little ones LOVED the big parachute and of course couldn't resist the chance to run under it :)  After story time, Ms. M.K. took an abbreviated morning nap while Moriah and I had a bit of school time.  Next was lunch, then play time again before resting.  After naps, Mr. S. and Moriah enjoyed starting a finger painted apple tree craft by painting a paper plate green for today (we left them to dry before adding a trunk and apples!).

a little bit of "school" -
God made the fish and birds!

Wednesday was not quite so laid back!  Ms. M.K. came to our house in the morning for a calm rainy day to play at home.  This portion of the day was very mellow as both girls were happy to play together.  Moriah's farm was the hit of the morning as farm animals came out with a Little People barn, lots of fences, and a few felt squares for grass and hay that the animals needed!  M.K. is teething this week so her morning nap was later than normal once she fell asleep, but some sleep is oftentimes better than none.  The girls had a little snack and then we were off to pick up Mr. S. from pre-school.  We drove back home and endured the wild man after school phase Mr. S. has tended toward on these afternoons!  Once he starts to eat, all is well again and he'll be more ready to talk calmly about his day at school.  Then it was naptime for all.  After naps, Mr. S. and Moriah played together and finished their apple trees.  Once Ms. M.K. woke all enjoyed snack time.  We hit a little bump in the road with wet pants on our way out the door but all was easily fixed with new clothes and a washing machine :)  We all headed out for the afternoon/evening and went to PetSmart.  Moriah's learning about God's creation in Genesis, and we've arrived at Day 5 "God made the fish and the birds" so a pet store trip seemed fitting this week.  Everyone enjoyed the animals we could watch as we walked around.  We were also able to pick up a treat and a new toy for Ruby, the Golden Retriever at Mr. S. and Ms. M.K.'s house (I've never known a dog so sweet!)  We walked through Half Price Books as well and didn't find anything that really caught our eye today (mostly I didn't see the clearance section until we were headed out).  We returned to their house for dinner and had everyone happily eating as their mom returned from her business trip day.  There must be something special about meals together, as Mr. S. really wanted us to stay and told me, "It'll be good news if you can eat supper with us, we haven't done that in a long time.  Will Matt come to help?" :)  Once we were all at the table Moriah looked over to say, "I love you Sully!" in her most sincere voice!  I'm so thankful for our sweet friends and the times we spend together.

looking closely!
Thursday the girls and I enjoyed story time in Louisville at the St. Matthews branch.  After storytime we headed to the Seminary to play with the train table in the Rec Center for just a bit before heading up to the campus clinic.  I had a quick appointment for a funny swollen and sore spot on my ankle, which the kind doctor explained to be tendinitis likely due to unsupportive flip flops and lots of "over use".  It's not really painful and winter's coming with more supportive shoes, so I'll just wait for that to go away!  Then we walked through the book store to pick up a couple of resources that I'm mailing to my mom.  After our morning, we were off to pick Mr. S. up from school then back to the house for lunch.  After lunch we all enjoyed play time in the basement before we called it a day.

this is SERIOUS business to two future farmers :)

such a nice new train table
Friday was another rainy and quiet sort of day.  We'd hoped to go to an apple orchard, but with the recent rain we decided against it.  Instead we went to storytime (we love books and libraries!) again at the Main Oldham Co. library and enjoyed more of the fun parachute.  Mr. S. insisted on holding Moriah during the reading and songs, and she was thrilled to sit with him - so sweet :)  We came back in time for Ms. M.K. to have an abbreviated morning nap while Mr. S. and Moriah made homemade cinnamon play dough with me.  It smelled "delicious" as Mr. S. said, though I did a good job convincing him that it wouldn't taste delicious to eat!  We took our decorative apples out of the sensory box and used them along with a few toy dishes, rolling pins, wooden spoons, and cinnamon sticks to make "apple pies".  They were SO CONTENT to play for at least 30 minutes, and forgot that it was lunch time!  Ms. M.K. woke as lunch was ready and we ate together.  After lunch all happily built a "clubhouse" aka fort in the basement with couch cushions... it takes lots of tools and lots of hard work to build our clubhouses these days :)  Mr. S. even added two "storage rooms" to it!

terrible quality that captures a common moment as they "work" on a "club house" or "work site"
with safety goggles and bungee cords to accomplish most anything

more play dough fun

can you sense her delight, even behind the pacifier?

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