Friday, September 21, 2012

life in late September

Tuesday -
This morning Ms. M.K. came to our apartment to play!  The girls love play time together and do mostly well with it, though my Moriah is working on kindness and gentleness with her hands, the life of a two year old perhaps :)  We headed back to the house and started laundry while the girls continued to play.  Lunch was ready and waiting when Mr. S. arrived from school to join us.  After rest time for all we went to the library which we missed visiting last week.  We traded one giant stack of fun read alouds for another.  I LOVE the library, and browsing the children's books is so fun for my former elementary teaching self!  The only thing better than browsing is introducing new books to little ones and finding favorites they can enjoy.

Wednesday -
Moriah and I drove out to see Ms. M.K. this morning and then went back to town for a play date of sorts at ChickFilA!  Moriah worked on a sweet puppy puppet craft then enjoyed playing in the tunnels with friends we met there.  Mr. S. was happy to have his daddy home today and completed lots of serious work throughout the afternoon - construction vest and working gloves required!  After rest time we worked on a fall craft, adorning tree trunk cut outs with "leaves" painted on using toilet paper rolls to stamp in red, orange, and yellow!  Crafting with three under 4 years old, was mostly good until hands dipped in paint starting clapping, and spraying poster paint - everywhere!  Oh my :)

Thursday -
We picked Mr. S. and Ms. M.K. up this morning in time to drive through Panera for a blueberry muffin that we could split while we waiting in line at pre-school carpool to drop Mr. S. off.  Then the girls and I drove to the park for some morning playtime, and then were off to the library story hour.  I think we'll try to visit a toddler storytime next week, as they're the oldest by far in the "baby" group we've attended thus far.  After storytime, we headed back to their house to make lunches and play.  Then rest time, and we needed some rest!  After resting, the two big kids and I ran to Kroger for green apples and pumpkin puree as cooking was on our minds.  We made Pinterest inspired "pumpkin poppers" today (leaving 2/3 of them without the cinnamon and sugar coating).  Cooking with two little helpers is an adventure for sure, at one point Moriah dipped her hand into the bowl with cooking oil!  They enjoyed the fruits of their labor.

Friday -
We went out to a bouncy today at All About Kids.  Things went well until, Ms. M.K. bonked her head on a baby slide as she went down, her teething fussiness meant she just needed to be held.  All was getting settled, when Moriah walked out of the little red toddler car she was driving around only to have wet pants!  So I tried to coax her out, she's resistant when she's already had an accident, while Mr. S. got his Crocs on (which ended up under the car as someone else jumped in to drive it).  Coaxing one while holding another (both of which are the same size) is hard!  We finally made it, only to have a wild time in the family bathroom, with a step stool for hand washing (accessible to a 16 month old) and one needing a change of clothes, and the door locking and unlocking...  I'm SO thankful for family bathrooms though a fly on the wall would've been entertained :)  Now we're off for another Pinterest inspired baking afternoon - apple pie roll ups!

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Candace said...

Sounds like a busy week! You do such a great job of keepin the kiddos busy with great activities! I'll be watching my soon to be born nephew at the end of the year and it'll be interesting to handle my toddler and a little one too! I love reading about your nannying days!!