Friday, August 10, 2012

10 Bedtime Books

I'm joining the August 10 for 10 Picture Book Jog today...

Moriah LOVES when we read to her, and we're thankful as Matt and I both LOVE to read!  Here are some of our most recent (and some longstanding) favorite bedtime (or anytime) read alouds for our 2 year old daughter.  She really is pretty attentive as we read, so I know these aren't all the most age appropriate for every 2 year old, but I'd encourage you to give them a try and enjoy reading with your little one.

1. The Big Picture Story Bible
We read Scripture to Moriah every day, throughout our days, and this is our current night time reading.

2. All Asleep
Whimsical illustrations with a fun sing song-y rhyme perfect for bedtime, especially "Even the babies who wake up all night are sleeping now, are sleeping tight" :)

3. Time for Bed
A wonderful bedtime rhyme, Moriah really loves "Time for bed, little bird, little bird, close your eyes not another word", she likes to cover her hands as we read, precious!

4. Eloise Wilkin's Treasury
I love these illustrations and have found so many classic and lovely stories to read aloud.  It really is a treasure.

5. Caps for Sale
*this link isn't the traditional story, if you're planning to read it look for that one instead!
Moriah loves the monkeys, and likes to read along with me as I say "Caps, caps for sale", a fun read aloud for sure!

6. Goodnight Moon
I especially love the poetic rhythm of the story, the more I read it to Moriah, the more it grows on me, as I didn't always understand the charm (maybe I'm not the only one)!

7. Am I Big or Little?
Such a sweet story about a little girl wondering whether she's big or little... she finds out that she's big enough for some things, and little enough for others!  Just right for the 2 year old age, of so much independence with time left for sweet cuddles and a little help :)

8. Madeline
A classic that is well loved here.  Madeline has also sparked some pretend play as Moriah often does "surgery" to take out an "appendix" like Madeline's.  I had a Madeline doll from childhood and my classroom which Moriah enjoys, we looked and even found her scar stitched on her tummy!

9. Dog
An interactive moving book... no pop ups, lots of sliding, pulling, and moving pages this is perfect for our dog loving little girl.

10. I Kissed the Baby!
A fun find at the library, we've checked it out more than a handful of times.  I of course, kiss Moriah as the story goes, which she thinks is so funny!

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Mandy said...

Thanks for joining us this year. Goodnight Moon was a favorite bedtime reading at our house, too.