Tuesday, August 14, 2012

nanny's news - the beginning of the week!

Monday, August 13 -
We went to Barnes and Noble this morning to play with their train table (Mr. S. has one at home that he rarely shows interest in, somewhere else however he enjoys playing!) and LEGO table.  We also browsed books, and ending up with two new ones...

for Mr. S. as he returns to pre-school at the end of August
It's Time for Pre-School by Esme Raji Codell

*After reading this before rest time I found it to be a wonderful welcome to pre-school!  The author walks through a very typical pre-school day featuring components of the classroom and skills that will be essential (manners, sharing, etc.)  She also includes fun rhymes that ease a child's potential anxieties without offering new anxieties for children who may not have felt that way before :)

for Moriah as she LOVES I Spy books and continues to show interest in letters
I Spy Little Letters by Jean Marzollo

After our time at Barnes and Noble we walked to a little climbing and playing area that we've recently discovered in this shopping center.  The little ones loved it until it started raining and we needed to leave!

Mr. S. also enjoyed playing with his highway letters during his afternoon rest.  His mom printed the letters of his name, and had them laminated at Kinko's for lots of playtime use!  They're perfect for driving small Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars over.

Tuesday, August 14 -
Today was an early morning as the little ones arrived at our apartment at 7:15 ready for breakfast :)  I made a Dutch baby pancake as a special treat to supplement their regular breakfast foods.  We got dressed and headed out to a doctor's appointment for me.  With the double stroller and Mary Poppins bag of tricks I tend to carry (it's stylish thanks to my mom and Vera Bradley!), we were off and had a mostly successful trip without too many squeals or tears!  We came back to play for a bit before heading off to All About Kids for inflatable fun.  As a new location is about set for a grand opening, the original location has changed their inflatables, offering two "new" (or maybe just new to us?!) bouncies (in the lingo of little ones!).  All enjoyed playing and were ready to rest today.

down the big slide on his tummy!

you can see her happy face though she was in motion, and my camera can't handle it :)

climbing is just what Ms. M.K. loves

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