Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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I've enjoyed these blog entries lately and thought you might as well!  I'm planning to update my list of thanks tomorrow as it's really overdue from the past two weeks with full days that didn't provide extra blogging time :)  In the meantime, enjoy these...

Being a Pastor's Wife is an Exercise in Faith
from In View of God's Mercy
Courtney really sums up many challenges with Truth that encouraged me to continue affirming Matt and walking beside him as a pastor (student, and bank teller) in this season and as the Lord leads us to full time ministry post-Seminary.

When You Need...
from Femina
A helpful and challenging blog reminding us to reach out to others in friendship rather than longing for friends while staying paralyzed by inward moping and loneliness.

Staying at Home My Story
from The Vanilla Tulip
Ashley shares her story as a stay-at-home mom.  A blessing to read!  She also features others moms working at home.

A Prayer for a Daughter
from A Holy Experience
Ann Voskamp eloquently writes a prayer for her girls that brought tears to my eyes as I think of my prayers for Moriah.  A must read for moms of girls.

Frugal Baby Finds
from Jenny Free Style
Jenny shares about her first experience consignment shopping in KC.  The admission cost surprised me a lot as our sales don't charge to get in.  It's also sad to read that clothing wasn't more reasonably priced.  I worked one shift at our local Little Treasures consignment sale over the weekend and sold most of Moriah's winter clothes from last year as well.  I also shopped last night at the workers pre-sale (it is well worth the work shift to shop early at this sale!).  It's a WONDERFUL blessing to our family, both financially and in general simple and de-cluttered living!  Look for consignment sales in your area, 'tis the season :)

Top 5 (Mostly) Healthy Road Trip Snacks
from Frugal Granola
We're headed on a trip this weekend and always enjoy snacks.  Her ideas were simple and very similar to the goodies we've purchased already!

Organization: Planning our Days
from A Blossoming Homestead
Megan shares her daily routine with a tiny little baby.  I'm so helped by a flexible routine and share her thoughts that it makes so much of parenting/caring for little ones a bit more predictable for both the adult and child!  I've recently been thinking through our routines at this stage and may share more later. 

Friday Funnies
from GirlTalk
This is a partial list linked to another blog explaining all sorts of common grammatical misunderstandings in church.  Funny to read and helpful!

Welcome to a New Year at SWI!
from SWI Library Blog
I discovered the SWI library a couple of years in to my Seminary Wives Institute days.  What a treasure trove of resources.  Read the blog if you're a Southern Seminary wife and see for yourself!

Summer Nell Photography
from GirlTalk
With the arrival of the Mahaney family as Soverign Grace Ministries is now headquartered in Louisville (I'm pretty sure that's accurate!), comes the talented photography of Janelle.  I'll be excited for mini photo shoots if they become available!

10 Things Every Teacher Wants You to Know... But Won't Tell You!
from I Can Teach My Child
This blog's title explains it all!  I fully agreed, as a former teacher :)

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