Tuesday, July 31, 2012

a weekend in pictures

Here are pictures of our fun as promised!  Enjoy...

reading with grandma before bed - the last night with a pacifier

her new highly desired watch!

patting a HUGE horse - the man was 6' 4" if that helps!

waiting for her turn to ride the pony

so much fun riding on her first pony ride

entertaining two uncles with some head stands

making pizza with a birthday gift

a reading blanket at her birthday - complete with puppy dogs and puppy stories

the food table!

more food!

patting Ruby the real dog who joined our party

Moriah's pink strawberry birthday cake

trying to get 3 little ones looking in the same direction is a difficult task

a close up of the table with birthday flowers and puppies

more food, flowers, and puppies

drinks and balls with bubbles in the background for playing at the park


Candace said...

What a lovely party in the park! Your little girl is so beautiful!

Laura in Montana said...

Dear Laura,

I thought I'd stop by your blog after finding myself next to you a few times on Ann's "multidudes on mondays." Another "Laura". I was curious!
Your life sounds lovely. As I was enjoying your blog I came across this post - about the birthday cake for Moriah - and time stood still for me. A strawberry cake. That was what I made for our daughter, Lydia, for the first five (or so) years of her life. We meant for it to be a tradition that would continue forever. But her preference changed to ice cream cakes, so we made the switch to accommodate her changing tastes.

She turned 13 today. Her choice this year was triple-berry pie. It was delicious. I adore my beautiful teenager, but oh, I often miss that curly-haired toddler. Time flies.

You have a lovely family. Your life reminds me of mine a dozen years ago. May the Lord abundantly bless you and your family as your husband finishes his studies.


Laura in Montana said...

Must have misplaced my profile picture...