Friday, August 17, 2012

the week's end

Wednesday -
We met our new friend and the first nanny of Mr. S. at a park to play!  Mr. S. is always happy to see her, and especially to see her son Z as they spent their first 2 years growing up together.  She is a sweet friend to me, also a former Seminary wife, now a full time home maker as her husband pastors full time.  They've added two other little ones to their family, so we instantly become a play date of 6 (all under 4 years old) when we're together!  Fun for sure :)  After fun at the sprayground and playground we came back for lunch before naps.  Mr. S. was in search of a good snack so we made trail mix on a whim which he always loves.  Mr. S. introduced Moriah to a love of tractors really early!  He's also done the same for his sweet sister, so each of their wardrobes contain at least one John Deere shirt.  We decided to dress everyone in their clothes for a little photo shoot of sorts.  They were mostly cooperative.

climbing high!
two happy John Deere loving girls...
Mr. S. has taught them everything they know!

Thursday -
Today was a restful day of playing at the house.  Grandparents were driving through so Mr. S. stayed to enjoy them with MK and their parents while Moriah and I headed out to the library.  We found lots of new to us books that we look forward to reading.

We also enjoyed the water table today and these sponge "balls" that I've been seeing all over Pinterest, and hoping to make (I tried to find a link, but couldn't at the moment, check it out if you're curious - Martha Stewart provided our instructions!).  When Moriah and I ran out to the library we picked up two packages of 4 sponges at Dollar General and had a $4 project for the day!  It was as easy as the directions seemed and added fun to the water table.  The little ones were happiest to run "free" with only diapers or underpants on while we played outside in the water.  Their squeals were priceless, haha!

they were just as easy to make as they seem

she really liked the sponge balls
The week ended with a "special treat" for me too, a frozen chai thanks to the thoughtful mom of these little ones, yum!

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