Saturday, August 4, 2012

nanny life in August

Since my last nanny update, I've had a flexible schedule with lots of time off for various travel which has taken the family out of state, or brought their family in town.  I'll be getting back into the swing of things for the tail end of this week then picking up again with normal 4 day weeks through the end of August.  All three of the little ones (a 14 month old, new 2 year old, and almost 4 year old) will be home full time as no other scheduled activities are underway, so I hope to have a good but flexible plan for fun together!  I'll likely have some extra hours, both early mornings and late nights which also call for additional planning.  I compiled a list of fun and organized it by day for the rest of our summer... here are 4 activities each week we hope to enjoy!

Oldham County Public Library visits (once weekly)
Pottery Barn Kids story time and mall picnic
Foxhollow Farm tour
Barnes and Noble, train table and LEGO table play
Henry's Ark, animal park
Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve
sprayground, we're hoping to try Long Run Park
All About Kids
Art Sparks and nearby park
Louisville Zoo and sprayground
Kentucky State Fair
ChickFilA tunnel play

I also hope to incorporate some Olympic related crafts and fun, but educational, pre-school prep for the almost 4 year old (while the little ones naps) as he returns to pre-school at the beginning of September.

This Thursday we enjoyed working a half day and stayed at the house to play.  Since this was a reunion of sorts all were happy to play together again!  Moriah was even able to celebrate her birthday, as Mr. S. and his mom made and decorated a birthday cake for her, and we contributed her favorite "purple" ice cream (black raspberry chip from Graeter's here in Louisville)!

Moriah's picture "smile" really means scrunching her eyes and nose!  too funny
On Friday, we'd hoped to visit the new Oldham County All About Kids location.  Unfortunately, it's not open after all.  The website wasn't very clear as I read through it, so I wrongly assumed it was up and going.  Instead, we waiting for our outing and went to the library after naps and our peach strawberry smoothie snack.  We crafted mid-day and made goggles like the Olympic swimmers wear :)  Mr. S. also wanted to use his watercolors and I had a swimming coloring page on hand that he painted.  Both Mr. S. and Moriah love to swim so it seemed like the Olympic sport they would instantly understand best.  Moriah and Mr. S. also enjoy using toilet paper tubes to make Olympic ring paintings!  Painting with toilet paper tubes is fun and easy for little hands.  I'd highly recommend trying it.  They're getting in the Olympic spirit of things, just a little late, haha.

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