Friday, August 24, 2012

a jam packed week

This has been the last official week of summer, as Mr. S. begins to "phase in" to 4 year old pre-school next week.  After Labor Day, he'll be back to his four day morning schedule away, and the girls and I will have a quieter house though we'll miss him greatly.  I'm planning to use MK's morning nap time for a little bit of "school" with Moriah using the ABC Jesus Loves Me 2 year old curriculum.  I'll post more about that later.  For now, here's a recap of our jam packed week!


I worked about 25 hours from Sunday night to Monday night with the little ones while both parents were traveling for their jobs!  We started Monday morning by dropping of our van to have repairs after hitting a deer on the way to church.  We also picked up a rental van and switched car seats with three little ones in tow.  I'm SO thankful for my husband who spent the long night away with me and then helped with our morning!  Next, we were off to a local muffin shop for a special breakfast.  The little ones enjoyed it, as did I.  A chocolate cream cheese muffin is always a good thing right :)  After muffins, we headed to the Louisville Science Center to play for a bit before returning for lunch.  Once all were fed and well rested we drove back to Louisville and played at a park, then went to our apartment for dinner.  Mr. S. and I quickly made peanut butter fruit dip from a recipe I found on Pinterest.  It was well liked by all!  We also took a pajama walk as their mom was delayed in her return just by a bit. 

the water table was fun for all - so thankful for the raincoats they provide!

Everyone was still a bit tired from our marathon Monday, so we enjoyed the morning at the house playing together in a low key way :)  We also went out to the Creasey Mahan Nature Center in Crestwood and enjoyed their Bass-Pro style dioramas displaying a variety of stuffed wildlife in real looking scenes.  The kids were intrigued though understanding non-living or dead is really hard for little ones.  They only became a little apprehensive when they saw a stuffed black bear reaching up for a beehive... Mr. S. wouldn't really turn his back on the bear and told me "It's dangerous!"

they're holding on for dear life :)
We had another full and fun day with a trip to the Louisville Zoo!  Hoping to give Mr. S. a new twist on the zoo I developed a Zoo Scavenger Hunt for him.  I found two really great ones, but one used color photos and our printer is out of color ink.  Instead, I made one using black and white clip art tailored to the animals we were more certain to see at our zoo.  I slipped the page into a plastic sheet protector, clipped it to the clipboard, and added a dry erase crayon to use.  We also printed this scavenger hunt of sorts and used it to review our zoo fun while we ate lunch back at the house.  It was great for encouraging conversation and recollection of the day!

the polar bear cub was so playful today!

Mr. S. working on his scavenger hunt, Ms. M.K. is getting pretty worn out!

We ended the week well with a day celebrating the end of summer with Mr.S.  We tried the new inflatable fun zone at Oldham County All About Kids in Crestwood, and then enjoyed Happy Meals at McDonald's.  The inflatable area is very similar to the original All About Kids, though a bit more open overall.  There was a medium sized inflatable that was just right for Mr. S. and the girls loved to bouce around with him though they couldn't begin to go up and onto the slide (which is a good thing!).  Lunch out was a HUGE treat for all, and the first time Moriah tried a Happy Meal - she ate her apple slices first :)

a mouthful!
Friday is our day off this week.  Moriah and I ended the week with friends at the Kentucky State Fair.  Here's one more picture of our great morning there :)  Now, I need the weekend to recover my energy, haha!

Moriah was excited about the pot bellied pig!

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