Thursday, August 9, 2012

August's first full week

Here's a wrap-up of our fun this week... many things didn't go nearly as planned, but having had an initial plan was good for our structure, and my thought process.  The little ones were very content to be home bodies early in the week so some of our away from home activities weren't received with nearly the enthusiasm they would've been any other day.  Instead we stayed, to play "sushi" (Mr. S. recently went out for sushi and was quite intrigued as you might guess!), "doctor" (Moriah's favorite these days, included appendix and toe surgery this week), and do lots of "working" (might have been building a house on the couch, or a construction site, or laying pavement of blankets, etc.)

We also...

went to the library

went to Henry's Ark and fed the animals... we were well stocked with carrots, bread, and apples!

she was EXCITED!  I couldn't get her expression, but I recall the thrill :)

baked homemade sugar cookies and cut them into Olympic rings and medals

a very willing baker, mostly because he can't wait to taste!

went on a walking tour of Foxhollow Farm and enjoyed their wheel barrows

working hard

made a collage of varied craft supplies on clear contact paper

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