Sunday, August 12, 2012

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I love to read.  This week and weekend I've been reading a captivating novel, more about that later.  Most naptimes find me browsing blogs to relax and refresh a bit as two little ones sleep and one has a quiet rest.  I usually read about parenting, activities for children, Christianity, living as a godly woman, home keeping, and marriage.  I also like to keep up with a few friends and acquaintances from college through the blogging world.  If you're interested in some new to you blogs, or just some helpful posts you might like these!

Is it wrong to look forward to my son's naptime? at Girltalk
encouragement in time management and homemaking

I want to be a godly mother (a follow up from first post above) at Girltalk
helpful instruction in considering my own heart as I interact with the little ones

On never being done at Femina
house work is never done, on making a home for all even children

A Sweet Summer at A Tribe Called Blackley
a real life friend who blogs and makes me thankful for technology so I can peek into her days and wish we were closer :)

A Pretty Basket Full of Napkins at Passionate Homemaking
all about cloth napkins, which we love

Adoption at The Vanilla Tulip
I love to read of the Lord's work in adoptions, Ashley and I went to college together

Sitter Binder at Jenny Freestyle
another real life friend, with a helpful resource for mom's returning to work as teaching days begin

Wow! What a Weekend at A Blossoming Homestead
Megan also went to college with me, and shares about her weekend, a fun posting topic to tuck away for the future

Chapter Book Read Aouds at Growing Book by Book
of course I love reading, and browsing suggested reading is just about as fun

Blessing Others: The Importance of a Simple Note by Passionate Homemaking
I really enjoy note writing and would like to be intentional about writing more often

Jog the Web 10 for 10 Favorite Picture Books
lots of bloggers listed their favorite picture books, and I joined them!  This link lets you scan them all at once, pretty neat :)  Check it out if you're a teacher especially, as many were geared for classroom use and connected to specific learning goals.

Lovebug's 1st Birthday Party by Candace's Calling
another real life friend, who just celebrated her sweet girl's 1st birthday with a wonderful party!

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Candace said...

Thanks for the sweet mention Laura! I just stumbled upon Vanilla Tulip! I kept thinking... She looks so familiar! ;)