Friday, December 7, 2012

blogs to read this week...

Some of my favorite reading this week... hopefully you're finding wisdom and encouragement along the way as I do.  I'm also hoping that this chronicle of sorts will be helpful in the future when I remember something I've read that I'd like to refer to again!

Struggling with "Struggling with Sin" at Domestic Kingdom
What do we really mean when we say that we're "struggling with sin"?

7 Ways to Have More Grateful Kids This Christmas at A Holy Experience
Excellent and practical ideas for all families, whether you chose to adopt only one or even more, they are thoughtful and worth considering.

Christmas in Times of Plenty at In View of God's Mercy
How we can remember God in times of rejoicing.

Gospel Centered Child Training at Girl Talk
Obedience for little ones makes hearts ready for the Gospel in the future.  Take heart that working toward obedience, even when we can't explain the full Gospel to little ones, is significant.

Kids, Chores, and Proficiency at Making Home
Encouragement!  Training little ones in practical things and welcoming their help will be rewarding as they grow and help with independence.

10 Ways to Celebrate a Christ-Centered Christmas with Children at Keeper of the Home
These were simple and practical ideas, and even included a Christmas music suggestion I'd like to buy for singing with Moriah next Christmas.

10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas Morning... at A Holy Experience
Ideas for rejoicing in the arrival of the awaited Christ on Christmas morning!

The Unbaked Biscuit at Desiring God (written byRachel Jankovic of Femina Girls)
We can rejoice in the grace of God toward us as we live in the salvation of Christ.  How does he want us to steward our salvation, what can we do?
*this is really probably not the best summary... read the article to clarify!*

My Most Spoken Home School "Lecture" at Making Home
Another helpful and practical article about encouraging children when a new task seems too challenging for them to try!

Waiting on a New Day at In View of His Mercy
This was timely for me, as I just shared with our community group on Monday, my tendency to look forward to the next season, stage, event, etc. missing contentment now in God's timing for this season.

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