Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Moriah's Alphabet Photo Book...

ABC Photo Book

Here's a sneak peek at one of Moriah's Christmas gifts.  I wanted to make something extra special for her, but didn't make time for a felt book like I'd anticipated months ago.  She's been talking so much lately about things that have happened in the past and has been asking lots for me to "tell Moriah about when I was tiny baby" :)  She's SO grown up now at the age of 2 in case you didn't know!  Making a Photo Book allowed me to use my favorite pictures of her over the last year, so that we could all enjoy them together, and talk about special memories.  I had to get pretty creative in thinking of an applicable letter for each picture, so you can laugh at the stretches I imagined.  I used Picasa to add the text to each photo and saved it as a new photo file.  As I put the photo book together, I realized you can now add text and layer it onto photos with their editing tools.  I'll probably save time and do it that way in the future!

As a nanny, I spend lots of time with our little friends at their house with Moriah as well.  If you think it looks like we must be somewhere else, we are!  Some of these fun toys are theirs also, and we're so thankful they're willing to share with Moriah as they play together.  I made one of these with Mr. S. and Ms. M.K.'s pictures as well as a Christmas gift for their parents.

It was a fun way to remember our year!  Once I got started with this theme I thought of others that would be fun as well.  A color Photo Book with pictures to practice color recognition, a counting Photo Book, a seasonal Photo Book showing fun activities for each season or holiday, etc.  When Moriah was little I used a free photo book promo to make a really tiny one with pictures of each family member, so we could remember their names together as they live out of state.  She loved looking at the faces of the people who love her so much!

Here it is, A to Z with Moriah :)

Naked jaybird!
*one of the funny things she says before bath time :)
we'll keep the picture unpublished!

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