Thursday, November 29, 2012

blogs recently

Here's a run down of a few particularly helpful articles I've read this week.  
I hope you'll find them encouraging as well!
happy reading :)

The Here and The Now at Femina Girls
Sweet encouragement regarding the truth of Christ's coming.  Each Christmas it's true and significant regardless of our current circumstances.  

Fighting for Faith at Midnight at Domestic Kingdom
Clinging to God's grace in the midst of sin and it's aftermath of shame.  

How Do We Pray Through The Pain? at Girl Talk
Helpful suggestions encouraging us to use the Psalms to pray.

Songs for Saplings $0.25 Download at Money Saving Mom
We LOVE this music, and have the original CD "Songs for Saplings" - I hope this special isn't over.

Free Shipping Day December 17 at Money Saving Mom
Who knew!?

The Duty of Prayer and Winnie The Pooh at Domestic Kingdom
Prayer is a significant "duty" as life saving and necessary as the scuba diver wearing his mask.  Read on for more about prayer as our life source.

How to Help the Hurting at Girl Talk
When those around us hurt, how we can minister without rushing them to resolution alone.

Homeschooling & Realistic Expectations at Making Home
A good bit of wisdom and certainly insight from a homeschooling mom.

Embracing the Seasons at In View of God's Mercy
The reality of a woman's life in terms of seasons.  Encouraged me to be thankful for this stage.

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