Wednesday, November 14, 2012

more reading to recommend

Here are links to a few other blogs and articles I've been reading lately.  I enjoy posting some to Facebook to share broadly, but figure everyone really probably doesn't want to see my latest recommendation!  Hopefully if you chose to read this you were curious :)

Why I Lost Faith in the Pro-Choice Movement
This article was written from a unique perspective which offered it credibility in my estimation.  As one who formerly agreed with the tenants of the pro-choice movement the author expressed her concerns which led to a change of view.  Perhaps the article I'd commend to you most highly if you were only to read one from the list!
The Day My Dad Chopped Down an Idol
(from Domestic Kingdom)
The title certainly caught my attention!  The blog did a wonderful job of explaining the Gospel and our need to recognize idolatry in our own lives.

How to Be a Happy Mom
(from Girltalk)
*While I wouldn't say I've struggled to be happy as a mom, I would say my week of total sickness last summer did wonderful perspective changing things that I still haven't forgotten!  I've been much more thankful to have opportunities to serve my family and the one I work for, knowing that the health, strength, and ability to do so is a gift each day.

Literacy Blogs
(from Growing Book By Book)
A list of more blog reading related to literacy!  While many suggested were new to me, they all seemed to have great ideas.  I'll happily add book recommendations to our library list any day :)

Three Weeks Until Advent
(from Femina Girls)
I always enjoy reading about the faith-filled Christmas traditions of others.  The Wilson family is particularly intriguing to me in both their theology and enthusiasm... the perfect combination for an Advent post!

Parenting is Hard for a Reason
(The Gospel Coalition)
The title pretty much explains it all.  While life as a parent is often joy-filled, it's hard as well!  This might be just the encouragement you need today!

Review of A Year of Biblical Womanhood
(from the Gospel Coalition)
This was the first, and most helpful review I've read regarding Rachel Held Evans' recent book "A Year of Biblical Womanhood".

Review of A Year of Biblical Womanhood
(from Mary Kassian)
Another review of the recently published book "A Year of Biblical Womanhood".  This review was helpful in some lights, and not in others.  I found her comments regarding early writings for women, by Edith Schaeffer less than helpful, though I understood the point she was making.

What You Don't Know About Complementiarian Women
(from her.menutics, Christianity Today)
This is another article written in response after reading A Year of Biblical Womanhood.  While it's not a book review the thoughts are interesting to those following the debate of sorts.

In the evenings I've been reading, Grace for the Good Girl: Letting Go of the Try Hard Life by Emily P. Freeman.  I've found much conviction and encouragement as I can really relate to the thinking the author shares and the way it effects her walk with the Lord.  I'd suggest it to you if the title catches your attention!

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