Tuesday, November 6, 2012

a good day to remember

Today was a good one to remember.  Throughout the day (it was 12 hours long, in fact) we enjoyed all sorts of sweet moments.  Not every day is quite like that :)  The moments were worth remembering.  As a nanny, my days are more child centered than home centered in the way they might be as a stay-at-home mom.  I trust the Lord and look forward to those days ahead if it's His will.  Even then, I hope to force myself to have kid's days as often as I can, where cleaning, grocery shopping, or other errands aren't the priority items on my to do list.  (I do think children can join those "chores" while learning and enjoying moments then too!)  For now, I just wanted to remember today, maybe it will provide some encouragement to me in the future...

A good day includes:
- pumpkin pancakes bright and early with dipping syrup, if there's extra syrup you could always sweeten your plain Greek yogurt with it
- morning play time before school (dressing up is an extra perk!)
- waiting in the carpool line with a Cat In The Hat read aloud (he didn't want to get out of the car)
- some errands when necessary (we made it through Target with the GIANT double seater cart)
- playing at the park to off set the errands, even if it's a bit brisk, time outside it always good (on a really brave day, try something new, like swinging on the big girl swing for the first time, it made today extra special)
- slinky toys for all in the car (the small $1 version!)
- pizza for lunch
- rest time (Mr. S. "roasted marshmallows" using his Zoob toys over a "bonfire" of pillows)
- extra stories after rest time is over for a big kid (and if you're a sensitive little boy like Mr. S. you might have teary eyes and a quivering chin when you learn that Wilbur the pig must be sold... FYI the picture book of Charlotte's Web STOPS THERE!  I shared the happier parts of meeting Charlotte in the barn, and he imagined that there would probably be a tractor for Wilbur to play with too - tractors fix everything for him, so the tears dried up with some extra cuddles)
- building with MegaBlocks according to the vision of a little one, today we had a house with two bedrooms, a garage, an attic, and a roof - really impressive to a 4 year old little boy
- peanut butter on Ritz crackers (if you're Moriah you might like to lick the peanut butter off first, how do little ones learn such funny and grown up sort of things?!)
- a trip to the library in the evening, we found a great stack of books and enjoyed time at the train table and with puzzles too
- firefighting through the house while dinner is prepared (you might use a dog bone as a hose if you're a creative little girl following a more imaginative big boy, and of course siren sound effects are needed!)
- pizza for dinner (though no one had it twice, we just all had it for one meal or another!  having it twice would earn extra kid day points no doubt)
- winding down time with the fall sensory box and the pumpkin pies they starting cooking
- reading on the couch with three little ones, so lovely (we read the Cat In The Hat again, it was just as fun to read aloud and just as exciting for them the second time... I do love reading aloud)
- puzzles to finish the 12 hour stretch, and bed time for all :)

Blessed by this day and each sweet moment of it... unlike most bloggers (though I'm really not a "blogger" in the professional sense of course) I didn't take a picture today at all (except with my phone to send to Mr. S.'s mom in her meeting, also because my photography skills lack).  I hope this post and my own memory will somehow conjure the precious images in days to come :)

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