Friday, July 20, 2012

nanny notes mid-July

This was a short week for me at work, as my little friends were off for vacation mid-week.  While they were here early in the week, we had plenty of fun like this:

Monday -
Mr. S. attended his last day of "summer camp" while the girls and I enjoyed a morning of Baby/Toddler story time at the public library nearest our home.  I've found that each library and librarian has a different version of story time which keeps things interesting.  On Monday, the librarian read one board book to the little ones then took song requests and shared a few finger plays during our 30 minutes together.  Moriah and Miss M.K. both like the lap song "A Bouncy Mouse" and "The Grand Old Duke of York" (which is new to me, in the last few months!).  Here are the fun words to "A Bouncy Mouse" in case you'd like to sing and bounce with your little one, they'll love it :)

Holding your little one on your lap bounce throughout the rhyme, with an extra big bounce at each asterisk... have fun!

"Boing, boing, squeak*!
Boing, boing, squeak*!
A bouncy mouse
Is in the house
He's been there for a week,
He bounces in the kitchen (lean left),
He bounces in the den (lean right),
He bounces in the living room,
Oh there he goes again*!"

playing in the water is bliss for my sweet girl!

Tuesday -
On Tuesday morning we tried a new-to-us sprayground at the Creekside Park within the new Parklands being developed.  It's in a very nice, new area of town that I'd never seen in Louisville!  I've discovered Louisville has all sorts of newer suburbs popping up, that we don't even realize.  This sprayground offered all sorts of fun for the little ones.  Since it's still very much under construction we really enjoyed watching the tractors, dump trucks, and excavators at work!  The sprayground was busy, but Mr. S. and Moriah had their fair share of fun running in and out of the water, though Miss. M.K. at just over 1 year doesn't seem too fond of the spraygrounds yet.  As a new park, there was also a very modern looking playground with new and different equipment than we've played on before which offered added entertainment.  On our way back from the hot morning of fun we picked up a free Wendy's frosty (with a coupon from Moriah's completed summer reading program at the library) to share.  Frosty's are HUGE now, and Mr. S. and Moriah both really enjoyed the small bowls of such a "special treat" after their rest time!

usually just a gentle helping hand :)
Wednesday -
Mr. S. left town early in the morning for a flight with his dad, so the girls and I were alone again for a quieter day.  I took them both with me to a rural produce auction where we met a couple from our church who were happy to show us around and help me bid!  We left after about an hour, due to the mid-day heat as the auction was outside, the girls were hot and restless in the stroller (and in our arms), and we all needed lunch.  I'm excited to see if they found any good produce for us on Sunday at church and really enjoyed the fun of an unconventional outing.  Moriah was thrilled to see an Amish horse up close as we left and walked to area where they rest while the Amish men sell and bid on their produce.

This was the week at work.  Moriah and I enjoyed another sprayground and park with friends yesterday, and spent today grocery shopping and birthday party shopping as well.  I'm not sure what fun the weekend holds, though I know we're headed to the DMV to renew our driver's licenses, hoping that they'll be quick with a toddler in tow :)  Enjoy the weekend with your little ones!

If you'd like any fun ideas for indoor fun on a hot day, check out my guest blog here for a friend with a few of our favorite creative play ideas for little ones...
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