Thursday, January 31, 2013

Request Free Samples!

Thrifty Thursday - Free Samples

I've found that requesting free samples of various products (that will be useful to our family) is a great way to try new things and enjoy different things with no risk or money wasted.  It's also fun to check the mail and see what will arrive :)

Almost a year ago, I subscribed to All You's Daily Free Sample e-mail (enter your e-mail address to subscribe).  While I don't check many advertisement e-mails, I almost always check this one.  Some days the samples are simple and require only that I submit my mailing information.  Other days samples can be received at various stores, so I don't participate.  Occasionally the samples aren't relevant for our family, then I skip it.  Oftentimes however I'm thrilled by the chance to "splurge" and enjoy a free sample!  Money Saving Mom's blog also lists a variety of free samples (look for the "Freebies and Giveaways" page along the top menu) along with other excellent information.  If you're not reading it, subscribe soon!

Lately I've received a small bag of ground Seattle's Best coffee.  I've also received Tide Pods for the laundry as well as the fabric softener beads.  I've enjoyed free tea bags from lovely Bigelow tea and others.  My husband just used four free Airborne samples I'd requested (he promises they ward off the germs he encounters as a bank teller).  I receive various toiletries frequently, and have found them perfect for creating a bag of items for out of town guests who may stay with us.  These necessities are used often when visitors come and can be easily replenished with more samples!

Last week my husband brought the mail home including a sample of Method laundry detergent.  As I opened the box I realized it was a laundry night (we use the campus laundromat-style facilities and he's great to haul them back and forth in the freezing cold for me!).  Next, I realized we were out of detergent and couldn't have washed our mountain of laundry without that sample.  What sweet timing of the Lord.  When samples are requested I never know if I'll really receive them or how long they may take (most forms say 6-8 weeks).  I certainly didn't plan to receive this sample at this time, but God knew and cares about even our smallest needs.

Try requesting free samples for yourself.  You never know when the Lord's timing will be perfect! 

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