Thursday, January 3, 2013

Books To Read in 2013

Books Worth Reading 2013

Here's my list of books that I'd love to read this year.  Some have been on my night stand or mental book list for awhile now, and others are recent purchases.  I also have a re-read list as I know there are books I read once that would be more helpful in my current season of life than they were when I first read them (often as I anticipated a new season's arrival, haha).  I love to read and often find other good fiction books at the public library, though I'm hoping to read through my list of books with greater priority than others I'll discover.  If you'd be curious about other good books of various genres, I've developed a page to chronicle my current reads.  Follow the link on the left side of my blog or click here!  I also have an ongoing Pinterest board with book ideas I come across.  If I finish this list, I may hunt for some of those, though I hope to read what I have first.  There are other classics in Christian literature that I've re-shelved with my husband's books and would love to get back out as well.  We'll see how it goes.

Books to read (in no particular order)...

Womanly Dominion by: Mark Chanski

Mission of Motherhood by: Sally Clarkson

Steady Days by: Jamie Martin

Teach Them Diligently by: Louis Priolo

George Muller by: Roger Steer

Almost Amish by: Nancy Sleeth

Place of Quiet Rest by: Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Be Still My Soul by: Elisabeth Elliot

Fit To Burst* by: Rachel Jankovic (one book on my list I don't own yet)
Heaven At Home* by: Ginger Plowman (another to purchase)

(this is my text book for a Seminary Wives class later this Spring)

Books to re-read...

A Woman's High Calling by: Elizabeth George

Keep A Quiet Heart by: Elisabeth Elliot

Loving The Little Years by: Rachel Jankovic

Don't Make Me Count to Three by: Ginger Plowman

Hannah Coulter by: Wendell Berry

Joy by: Lydia Brownback

Contentment by: Lydia Brownback

What suggestions do you have for me?  Have you discovered a new favorite book lately?

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Anonymous said...

I find a really disconcerting amount of patriarchy and child abuse embedded in this list. So, my suggestion would be to explore writings which fall outside of the complimentarian and coercive parenting narratives. There are innumerable other perspectives--Godly perspectives--out there. Maybe the Spirit will move your heart in a new direction, or, maybe today's views will only be reinforced further by the challenge. Either way, it's worth the pursuit.