Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I took the girls to the Lousiville Nature Center this morning for a nice (and free!) outing on a cold winter day.  We all enjoyed their bird blind.  Once you're inside it's mostly sound-proof (so the birds can't hear you) and has a wall of one-way mirrors.  I think that's the right term, you can look out at the birds, but they can't see you!  They can however sense the jumping little feet of girls startled by a squirrel :)  The bird blind also has speakers inside allowing you to hear the outside sounds and songs of the birds.  We were there once and even watched a deer walk up close among the birds.  It's wonderful for all nature lovers, or for those growing to be. 

After a birdwatching morning we were inspired...

We went to the library and checked out a few bird books for little ones.

We went to the Tractor Supply Company and purchased some bird seed.  I'm not sure if we were lucky or bought poor quality bird seed (we'll see!), but suet cakes were only $1.50 there and some were even 99 cents.  I've never seen them so inexpensively :)

from kiwi crate
We came back and made bird feeders and ice laterns that are currently freezing.

This wreath bird feeder is freezing now... easy and fun to assemble!

We'll try to work on a few more this week.  Pinterest provided lots of inspiration...
from moffatt girls
We made these last year and had great luck.  Can't get much easier for little hands.  Matt would also be happy for me to utilize some of the toilet paper rolls I'm always stashing away for projects :)

We may try these in the upcoming days...

from hands on as we grow
Just a slice of bread, cut out, spread with peanut butter, pressed into bird seed, and dried!  Simple.

This looks like lots of fun, and would likely attract interesting birds to the fruit.

from create celebrate explore
Finally, when Moriah's older this popsicle stick bird house would be fun to assemble together.

We planned a post-nap trip to bundle up, ride the (child's) Gator, and fill up the real bird feeders in the "back forty" as Mr. S. calls it. 

While birds were on my mind I starting looking out the window while I did dishes as all settled into their naps and rest time.  I noticed birds flying here and there then looked twice.  The birds I saw in this very yard were some of the great birds we enjoyed at the Nature Center. 

I'm thankful that my dad taught me their names.  My Grandma Nettie did as well though I didn't always care too much then.  Now I'm glad to know them... we've enjoyed some tufted titmice, downy woodpeckers, nuthatches (that go down the tree backwards, how fun!), blue jays, and cardinals.  There's another woodpecker I'm seeing too but haven't figured out yet... we'll look in our bird book tonight.

How come I hadn't seen them yet this winter?  First I thought perhaps they'd just arrived.  Then I realized that of course I haven't been looking.  How much of God's wonderful creation do I miss when I just haven't been looking?  Probably a lot! 

I thanked the Lord for the birds, and His creation of so many amazing varities.  I thanked Him for a life slow enough to see the birds today.  And I prayed for more days with the birds wherever He leads us this year.  Maybe we'll even have a home with a window over a kitchen sink so I can enjoy more bird watching.  A simple life is blessed.

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