Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Use it up, Wear it out, Make due, Do without"

children's consignment sales help me...

"Use it up, Wear it out, Make due, Do without"

Have you ever heard this?  I hadn't until recently, and found it to be a helpful summary of the Lord's work in our lives over the past few Seminary years.  

One way we've practiced living out this motto is by selling clothes at consignment sales and by shopping at consignment sale and stores.  Until I became a mom, I didn't know about the great things that could be found at children's consignment sales.  Here in Louisville, my favorite sale is Little Treasures, held twice a year.   I'm also able to volunteer as a worker, allowing me to make greater profit on my sales (70-80%) and shop worker pre-sales before things become too picked over.

We've been blessed to have many of Moriah's clothes given to us by excited family.  As we have no storage space in our apartment, I've chosen to consign most of her outgrown clothes in order to "make" money that I use to buy the next season and size of clothes.  I price my own clothes and earn a percentage of the final sale.  So many baby clothes are gently worn then quickly outgrown.  It seems like good stewardship to share them with others by consigning them.

even this sweet flower girl dress was found at a consignment
sale with the bride's approval!  it was only $10

My mom kindly stores a few of my favorites from each season at her home in Missouri.  She's also been kind to loan me money up front for my consignment shopping until I can pay her back with my earnings.  

If I need something particular to match a certain outfit, I go to local consignment stores first.  Do you have a Once Upon a Child or Children's Orchard in your area?  There are likely other independent consignment stores as well, and perhaps even a large seasonal sale.  I've also tried the site Thread-Up which is a sort of mail order consignment though I didn't like having less of an opportunity to select items I knew I'd love (now it's changed and you can choose individual items, when I tried you only received a box based on size/season).

this winter hat, scarf, coat, and boots were all found at consignment sales,
I was delighted that they could even match :)
We hope to continue to find great consignment stores and sales in the future as they've helped us remain thrifty!  Enjoy consignment shopping for your little ones :)


DaisyGirl said...

I really need to try the consignment stores in our area. I don't buy anything at full price anymore--regardless of where I shop. The one trick I use is the Kohl's $10 off $10 coupons. I know that only works if you have a Kohl's nearby. ha! But you only have to buy $10 worth of clothes to get $10 off meaning you don't have to pay anything (if you get it just right) or you only have to pay a few dollars. I shop the clearance racks and walk out with 2 to 3 items and only paying less than $5! I love it!!. {p.s. I love the quilt background on your blog!!!}

Beth Ann said...

Hey- found your blog through the thrifty link-up. I think we live rather near to you! I love the consignment sales as well!

Ashley@The Vanilla Tulip said...

YES! I am all about consignment shopping and thrift stores! And I'm the same way about clothes. The boys do handme downs with each other since they're so close in size. But for Emma I just sell what doesn't fit her. It doesn't make sense to keep it around for five years until the next girl will fit it. So I sell it and use that money to clothe her for the next season. Super excited to hear more of your tips!!:)

He Graces said...

I love consignment sales too! My sister-in-law is also a master garage-saler and I sometimes tag along with her to the big neighborhood sales.
Thanks for sharing!!

Laura Day said...

We have 3 girls right in a row, so the clothing just keeps getting handed down but I love finding brand name clothes at a consignment because I know they'll hold up for all 3!

Hanna said...

GREAT post!!!! Your daughter looks adorable!! I am almost worse than you in that I pretty much only so hand me downs if I can. I really try not to buy must of anything in teh clothing department but this a fab tip and your daughter looks so cute:) I am a new follower. I found you on thh vanilla tulip