Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And we're off...

On our first mommy/daughter road trip :)  It seems quite fitting that our destination is the wedding of two friends, who've asked Moriah to be their flower girl!  I hope the flower girl part goes smoothly.  We've practiced up and down our hall, and she knows that a "special treat" will be waiting afterwards.  She also has "pink piggy toes" for the occasion - such a little girl!

having a tea party

While the wedding day events are a bit out of my control, I have tried to be extra prepared for our 9+ hour drive there.  I've been packing bit by bit all week in hopes of remembering everything.  I also have a few lists going!  Here are my car entertainments for her.  Let me know if you've found something especially helpful that's not on my list.  I've been reading most every "traveling with kids" post I've noticed on Pinterest in preparation and pulled out the things we had on hand.
~ baby doll and bottle
~ my old Fisher Price radio (she hasn't quite mastered winding it!)
~ see 'n say (farm animal sounds which might make me crazy, but her happy)
~ twistables crayons with clipboard of paper
~ coloring book
~ stickers
~ board books
~ Little People with a tiny airplane to ride in
~ toy phone
~ discovery bottle (from busy bag swap)
~ I Spy bottle (also from busy bag swap)
~ magnets and cookie sheet (pom pom magnets from busy bag swap as well)
~ tiny purse (Vera Bradley from my mom) with $1 spot Target jewelry
~ small slinky
~ finger puppets
~ wooden rhythm sticks
~ books on tape
~ small ribbon blanket and two old decorative handkerchiefs (she does all sorts of funny things with them, one covering each leg, etc.)
~ small snacks in little bowls already/sippy cup of water
~ potty chair (it's little and she's in the midst of potty training so we'll need it for stop between real stops I have a feeling)
~ mittens, sunglasses, hat (she LOVES to dress up in them all)
~ glow stick bracelets

in her new swim suit for the summer, smiling at daddy

I also have music for myself in between kids music and books on tape, snacks for me, a few phone dates planned, and a trash bag for us.  I'm going to pick up disposable bibs tomorrow because they're SO helpful for fast food stops and quick clean up then throw 'em away!  I have our roll up place mat which is also great, but not disposable so I try to rinse/wipe it off in the restroom before we hit the road.  I have a small package of Clorox wipes for the potty seat but was thrilled to read a great tip... leave an outgrown/extra diaper in the bottom of the potty to "catch" anything, then throw it away rather than trying to dump a mess or drive with it... SO EXCELLENT!  I also had a well traveled friend tell me that she saves the best/newest toy for the last hour before you reach your destination as that's bound to be a restless time.  Such a helpful tip!

serious faces while playing Doctor these days

We'll be driving a FULL Escort to save on gas money, but the good news is that Moriah will be easily within reach as I hand her new toys and snacks :)  I'm sure we'll both be thrilled to arrive back home Sunday night, happy to see Matt who is staying to preach at church Sunday.

Any last minute suggestions you'd offer?

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