Thursday, May 17, 2012

life lately

I have lots of blogging ideas running through my mind lately, so I may become a bit more active in the blogging world... we'll see! For now I wanted to list a few of my favorite things about Moriah lately. Matt and I are so delighted to be her parents and share lots of funny things she does each day with one another, maybe our far away family and friends would like a glimpse of her spunky personality too :)

~ when headed out to run errands the other day, she said, "No, Mommy, Moriah working!" and ran, in a very toddler way, to the office where she showed me that she can climb into the chair all by herself to "work" on the computer like Daddy does

~ potty training has been a success though I'm still in charge of frequently taking her to the toilet, mostly without her asking though she's cooperative in going potty once we're in the bathroom

~ she recently received a John Deere tractor hat which adds to her collection and makes her oh so happy!

~ pink Crocs are her shoes of choice, most all of the time though she's loving wearing my shoes, or even Matt's shoes when we leave them out

~ every time she falls down or trips as she's busily playing, she looks up and says "ashes, ashes" as in "Ring Around the Rosie" - just covering up for the fall as if it was an intentional game :)

~ most close friends are warmly welcomed and bid goodbye with a "big hug", kisses, and pats on the back

~ since potty training has been a hit, she's become SO much more independent in many other things and insists on eating her breakfast all by herself most days with her spoon, she also likes trying to put her own pants/shorts/skirts on, and can successfully put shoes on as well

~ Moriah's go to toys of the moment seem to be her Bitty Baby doll (she loves to feed her, teach her how to walk, etc.), a small Curious George toy we discovered as I sorted former classroom items for a garage sale, and of course her John Deere tractors, she's also happy to carry around spoons while we're at home and asks for more or "another one" often

She's such a blessing and full of fun. I can't imagine missing these moments throughout each day, I'm thankful to have a front row seat during this season and pray that the Lord will continue to provide so that I can care for Moriah and any future children he brings. Thanks for your patience with a doting mama :)

I hope to figure out how to create pages so that I can categorize the blog a bit more for my own use and ease of reading. I have these ideas... meal plans (on a weekly basis) so that I refer back to them though I keep them in my homemaking binder I often veer from my original plans, an ongoing list of gratitude, life lately with short updates, and our growing girl with things specific to Moriah. I've also considered adding more of the projects I do as a nanny with three little ones, especially this summer as we'll have more "free time"!

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