Monday, July 6, 2009

summer reading!

So far this summer I've enjoyed all the moments I've had to read! The following is a list with a little review of each in case you'd like to join me and read some of these great books... enjoy!

Girl Meets God
by: Lauren Winner
I reread this book at the beginning of this summer. I think I liked it even more the second time around. Lauren Winner writes a memoir of her conversion from Judaism to Christianity. It includes lots of great thoughts about faith and tradition.

Mudhouse Sabbath
by: Lauren Winner
This Lauren Winner book I'd never read until this summer. It's another great one. Lauren specifically explains Jewish traditions and customs which relate to various topics and seasons of life. Her point in doing so is to challenge Christians to rejoice in the grace of God upon us through Christ our Savior, while also contemplating more thoughtful traditions which can impact our faith in practical ways.

Hope for Children in Poverty edited by: Ronald Sider & Heidi Unruh
This book provides a brief, but realistic overview of children who live in poverty here in the United States. Since teaching in many low socio-economic areas I have begun to consider the impact of poverty in ways I hadn't before. There are so many factors involved in the lives of these children. I'd really recommend this book, as it also offers great articles which highlight real ministries and organizations working to provide aid in various ways to so many children in difficult circumstances. As Christians I do believe we must not turn a blind eye, to this reality of so many.

Mountains Beyond Mountains by: Tracy Kidder
This book is a biography of Dr. Paul Farmer. He is a leading doctor in the fight against TB world-wide. Specifically his story is captivating as he serves amongst the most poor people in the world who live in particular areas of Haiti. His compassion and committment to serve all people with equality should be shared by more. Sara Groves was inspired to write and record her song "The Long Defeat" after reading this book and learning of a many who values all human life in such sacrifical and genuine ways.

Ghost Girl by: Torey Hayden
Torey Hayden is a special education teacher who has written many books about her students and their circumstances throughout a school year. This book is horrifying as it shares the real life story of one little girl she taught. While I think more people should be familiar with the daily occurances of public school life... this book wouldn't be the first I'd recommend because of its really graphic nature. I am looking forward to reading more of her books this summer.

The Penderwicks by: Jeanne Birdsall
A children's book of course must be on my list! This chapter book has always caught my eye because of its charming cover. I wish I'd known of it before, I think it might have made a nice read aloud for my third graders. If you know any children, or like reading children's literature yourself this is a nice book. It's filled with the adventures of four sisters one summer as they're away on vacation. It also makes me hope to someday have a "gaggle of girls" :)

Currently reading...
Radical Womanhood by: Carolyn McCulley
a Biblical look at the influence of feminism in the lives of Christian women

Excellent Women
by: Barbara Pym
a fictional story set in post World War II England about a 30 year old single woman and her life

My stack is big already, and still growing with more to read this summer. I'll update with more thoughts as I finish each book!

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The Blackley Tribe said...

Laura, thanks for sharing...they all sound interesting, I might even check out Mudhouse Sabbath!
You are quite a reader,very impressive.