Wednesday, July 22, 2009

beach reading

We just returned from our trip to Destin, Florida with Matt's family. It was so gracious of them to invite us along and provide a great condo for us to all stay in! I had fun enjoying these specifically Florida things (in my mind anyway, they may be related to other places too):

~ sunbathing on the beach
~ collecting seashells
(only a very few in Destin)
~ key lime pie
~ seafood (LEFT: crab legs)
~ boiled peanuts (RIGHT)

I enjoyed time on the beach, and especially reading time in the sun.
Two more books to add to the list of summer reads:

Outcasts United by: Warren St. John
This is a WONDERFUL and challenging read. Not challenging as in reading level, but challenging as it causes reflection upon our own prejudices and stereotypes which are oftentimes incorrect. This book is written by a reporter from the New York Times who follows a team of refugee soccer players from around the world who've relocated to Clarkston, Georgia a small town with a Southern and "traditional" mind-set. It's great to consider the world, the many peoples in it, and the way it is becoming "smaller" in a sense. This was especially fun to read and recall soccer playing days of the past (although I'm glad that they're over)!

Twilight Children by: Torey Hayden
Another book by a new favorite education-related author. This book follows Torey as she takes a job working with people in a psychiatric ward of a hospital. After one of my third grade students was admitted to a psychiatric ward this year I really began to consider what a hidden world it is. In many ways not only is it a hidden world, it is therefore forgotten and lonely to those who are hospitalized. This book shows with clarity the sad and terrible realities which lead children to a variety of mental illnesses causing such an outcome, along with great triumphs as therapies help to heal and mend their pasts.

and here is a picture of Matt and I getting ready
to make our way out to the beach...
check Facebook for more Florida fun pictures

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