Sunday, July 12, 2009

more reading highlights

As promised, I'll keep you up-to-date on my restful and delightful summer reading...

Radical Womanhood by: Carolyn McCulley
I finished reading this book this week. It was a great read that gave me insight into lots of background information (especially about feminism) that has contributed to the world today. This book reminded me of so may ways that Satan has waged war on women, families, roles, etc. for all of time. In that sense it was encouraging to remember that we are not to fight against "liberals" or laws, but rather to trust in the Lord and realize that these issues are spiritual and not grounded in politics or other disguises they may wear.

Excellent Women by: Barbara Pym
What a charming and quaint book! I'd highly recommend this book to anyone wanting a light and refreshing summer read. It reminded me a lot of the vision I had of my future when I was single and thinking marriage may not have been a blessing the Lord would have for me. The book follows one middle-aged single woman through her experiences in the church, with neighbors, and in her English town following World War II.

Shopping for Time by: Carolyn Mahaney and daughters
A very fast and helpful, helpful read. I highlighted lots that I hope to share with others as a future reference. This short and to the point book is designed to help women prioritize and organize their lives in God honoring ways as they serve family, friends, and the church. Her practical ideas were aimed at encouraging women not overwhelming them with more to do. I'm planning to implement many of these ideas into my life right away!


When I Don't Desire God by: John Piper

UPCOMING BEACH READING - for our Florida trip later this week (Friday through Tuesday):

At Home in Mitford
by: Jan Karon (I read this one in high school, but I'm hoping to start reading with the intention of the entire series... slowly during the school year)

Just Generosity, A New Vision for Overcoming Poverty in America by: Ronald Sider

Race Matters by: Cornel West

Outcasts United by: Warren St. John

Then after my choices of reading materials are exhausted, I'm going to dive into my stack of summer "teacher reading" related to strategies, best practices, theories, etc. of teaching... I'm delaying these (partially because I'm not quite ready to be in "school mode") because I do know they'll be full of ideas that I'll want to get going on right away!

**coming soon... pictures with an update including ways I've used an abundance of fresh picked fruits (peaches, and blueberries)**

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