Sunday, July 25, 2010

37 1/2 weeks

Here I am today... 37 1/2 weeks into our little baby girl's life and just waiting to meet her for real :) The Braxton-Hicks contractions seem to happen so often, I'm just ready for the labor contractions that will lead to a baby! So our bags are packed, snacks for early labor (popsicles, honey sticks, and Gatorade - maybe even chocolate banana popsicles) and the hospital stay (orange juice for after labor, things for Matt to munch on) are purchased and we're waiting, waiting, waiting.

After I posted this originally, Matt and I started our weekend cleaning... I think I'd call it "nesting" as much of what we did is out of the ordinary for our cleaning routine, like:
~deodorizing the couches and rugs with baking soda cleaner
~scrubbing the refrigerator drawer and shelves
~washing the kitchen floor with a scrubbing sponge and Clorox
~using a Magic Eraser almost all the way in the bathroom and kitchen and also to scrub scuff marks off the walls and doors
I'd like to think that this too is a sign of some sort of progress towards Moriah's arrival, but I know I need to stop analyzing so much! At the very least, I'm hopeful that things will stay fairly clean between now and whenever she makes her appearance so our visitors won't visit a terribly messy house.

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Hannah Lea said...

Good grief, Laura! You look so lovely!! The nesting sounds wonderful... and we are all so eager to meet the new little lady.
Praying for you...