Saturday, August 7, 2010

a precious baby to love

Well, our little baby Moriah has arrived! She was born last Monday, August 2 at 2:50 in the afternoon. She weighed 7 pounds, 1 ounce and was 19 inches long at birth. Despite her chubby cheeks like her dad (as a baby) she's really a tiny, tiny little girl. When we came home from the hospital Wednesday she'd lost down to 6 pounds, 10 ounces. I'll be excited to find out Monday at her check-up how her weight gain is going and where she falls in the percentiles... to me she's a little one! She has more hair than I expected (only because I didn't have much as a baby) and it's dark too. I think it looks a little auburn in the sunlight sometimes, but I may just be wishful :) It also doesn't help that when we gave her her first sponge bath I used as much soap on her hair as I could've on her whole little body... it came out faster than I expected! So today, before Grandma Nancy arrives, we'll have another bath and be sure to get all the baby soap out :) She did enjoy her first bath as Matt held her and we washed one little part at a time, attempting to keep her wrapped up otherwise for comfort and warmth. Being wrapped up and swaddled is her favorite way to be! I'm hoping to practice using my Moby Wrap soon because I think she'll really enjoy it. The doctor told us an evening walk would be okay if the temperature was below 90 degrees... those days have been few and far between so we haven't really ventured out yet (except a quick trip to Target for some essentials). When we brought her home Wednesday it was the warmest day of the summer... 100+ degrees! (crazy to say the least).

She's been such a sweet baby who has learned to nurse well (we had good helpers in the hospital) when she can be roused from sleep by mom. She sleeps so soundly and even enjoys being awake for little bits of time too. Her face can look very serious (not mad like my mom thought), as she seems to furrow her brow and concentrate... it won't surprise you that she probably gets that from dad! :) We've enjoyed reading little board books together, singing hymns (Jill Phillips is our favorite while nursing), and listening to lots of good music (Mozart Wombsong free download, a Celtic Lullaby CD which was a gift, etc.). Dressing up in cute, cute little girl clothes is also a favorite activity of mom's :) I can't resist a little bow with just about every outfit, although she often makes her serious face and looks at me like it's really not necessary! We're excited to have some baby pictures taken this week with a coupon I won as a door-prize from a Seminary Wives luncheon. I look forward to a new family picture.

Matt has been a wonderful father already, as I knew he would be. He's taken lots of chances to talk with her and tell her all about the world. He's told her about friends near and far we're excited for her to meet. He's explained many things of the Lord as he studies and reads his Christianity Today magazine. He even flipped through the pages and showed her every black and white picture he could find, while explaining it's significance! So sweet to watch :) He loves her dearly and told me the other day that it just brings him so much joy to see her. He hurried to get me last night when he went to wake her up to eat and found her sleeping like this:

He thought her little folded hands were the sweetest thing he'd seen! He's been a very willing helper to me, getting things I need when my hands are full or I'm moving a little too slowly. He's excited to practice his diaper changing skills too!

We've enjoyed introducing her to many friends and visitors so far, but look forward to meeting more in the future. Today my mom will arrive for her week long visit which we're all really looking forward to! I'll have to post more of a "birth story" later... let me just give you a teaser and say natural birth is very, very hard work to say the least :) I had no idea what I was getting into... Grace you are an amazing woman!


Kara said...

she is precious Laura, enjoy this sweet sweet time, it goes so fast!

Hannah Lea said...

Oh she's so beautiful! Thank you for sharing these sweet pictures and stories...

This will be such a good, good chapter in your life... :)

The Blackley Tribe said...

Laura, it sounds like you guys are doing great! She is beautiful and seems to bring so much joy to your home...I love it ;)

Heal up and enjoy the 'little' phase, it really does fly by!

Grace Wheeler said...

(Screaming-my only "new baby" voice level)...AHHHHHHHH!!!! YOU HAD A BABY!!!!! :)

Congrats Laura and Matt!!! She is PRECIOUS!!! I love all the pics!

I'm SO anxious to hear the birth story!!! So I take it I didn't prepare you very good for natural birth? "piece of cake" doesn't really fit, huh?!

Trust me, it gets easier with each baby! :)

Having babies is HONESTLY one of my favorite things in life :) I'm a nut, yes, yes. We all know that.

POST MORE PICTURES! I'm addicted to your baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara S. said...

Moriah is so adorable Laura. I loved all the pics on facebook but these are way more fun with all the commentary. I can't wait to hear how you like your Moby wrap. I am glad you wrote about it because I was thinking about figuring out a way to get one sent to you! :) I think it is AMAZING and I use mine all the time. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you again congrats and that I am just so happy for you and for Matt. I can't wait to hear more stories and especially your birthing story. It is hard work doing it all naturally but wasn't it so worth it! Most amazing experience ever! I love you sweet friend and can't wait to see you and meet your sweet doll!