Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Great Break!

So, in spite of a recent and trying cold these days of no school have been productive. I've been so thankful for all that the Lord has allowed me to accomplish, while also enjoying sleeping in and resting in general. I look forward to finishing up tonight with a little bit of ironing, watching election results, reading, and resting with Matt in general.

Here's a snapshot of some recent projects:

*Our flowerpots needed some new life. The impatients were frost-bitten although the begonias and geraniums have been so hearty. I was excited to replace the impatients with pansies... a fall favorite.

*Matt and I were very excited to finish most of our family's Christmas shopping so early this year. We went back to the museum we'd visited with his dad so that we could pick up some things from the gift shop that they'd passed by on their trip. We think they'll be really excited. Then we decided that I could make winter wreaths to give to his family as well. One is for his mom, the other for his dad, and the last one for his grandparents. I'm really enjoying wreath making... maybe someday it'll be my own small business :)*I also had a great time baking lots of things to freeze (in part). Matt really loves breads and muffins so I was able to make lots of them so that when we run out of cereal (he inhales it quickly every week) there's something else for breakfast. I made:
  • Amish Pumpkin Bread (it makes 3 loaves, I made 2 loaves + 18 muffins)
  • Homemade Granola (kind of a hit, except that next time there will be no salt!)
  • Apple Cinnamon Muffins
  • Whole Wheat Waffles (plain for Matt, with chocolate chips for me)
  • Good-for-You Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies (no oil, only egg whites, oatmeal, and whole wheat... they're my new favorite cookie, and I'm glad that they're healthier!)
So the freezer is full now as you can see!
(There's also a Sara Lee Pumpkin Cheesecake purchased in a great ALDI sale to save for Thanksgiving when my mom and Jacob come to visit!)

The last big accomplishment of the day: Cleaning the oven! I was able to clean out all sorts of cooked on messes with no trouble using salt and baking soda. I couldn't believe it!

So all in all, I would count this a very great break. Now, I need to remember that tomorrow the children will return to school, and I'll need to be ready to love them and teach them as the Lord gives me His strength. Colossians has been an excellent encouragement to me lately as we've begun reading it with our small group. We've also looked at Sam Storms' book "The Hope of Glory" as a helpful guide to application. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for something refreshing to study.

With our love and prayers in Louisville,

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