Wednesday, June 29, 2011

remembering and thankfulness

Today I enjoyed a morning walk with Moriah. We strolled through the neighborhood between our apartment and the seminary's campus. The homes are lovely and the sidewalks are old, which gives us a lot to see with some bumps along the way! As we walked up to the campus I noticed a couple of girls reading their Bibles and journaling while sitting in a sunny spot on the sidewalk. I realized that a church camp most be using the campus as its venue. My thoughts were quickly confirmed as Moriah and I made our way onto the main square and saw students everywhere. Some were sincerely studying the Word and praying intently in spots allowing the solitude I'm sure they were encouraged to seek out. Others were in larger groups, and one even made a comment that "this is a church camp, doesn't it look like I'm talking to Jesus" as his on-looking leaders tried to disperse the group surrounding him.

Watching these students my mind was quickly reliving days when I'd been in similar situations. First as a student myself, I remember being sent out to have "quiet time" before the camp day could begin. Journaling was always helpful to me and I had a variety of journals over the years which accompanied me on camp excursions. Many of my old Bibles also have notes in the margins to remind myself of particular insights pastors shared, or truths the Lord was confirming to my heart. Then as a student ministry leader, I spent a few (three or maybe four?!) summers with students trying to spur on their pursuit of the Lord, all the while organizing games that might be entertaining, fun, and or gross enough without too much danger (usually that was our downfall). While games were not my cup of tea, I enjoyed helping a team of interns like myself as we developed journals for students, questions for small groups, and room assignment so that everyone was comfortable with at least one good friend. I don't know the eternal significance of that behind-the-scenes work, and I've often talked with Matt about it. Since I have no solid conclusions I won't go into that train of thought. Rather, I'll trust the Lord and His providence. That He was at work somehow in spite of us as fumbling interns who assumed much and misspoke often while trying with great weakness to teach about Christ.

*I really wanted to include an infamous "brown t-shirt" Summer Jam picture here of my favorite interns and myself... I tried and tried to no avail though I'm not sure why it didn't work!?!

These days were full. The times outside basking in the sun while seeking the Lord seem to have passed so quickly now. I don't think I knew then what a precious time I was afforded. But as I walked home and saw a homeschooling mom to five in her screened in porch I realized that I need not wish for tomorrow while missing the joys of today. This is a common and repetitive lesson in my life. I find myself thankful now, knowing that some day I may look back on our seminary life and think "wasn't that a sweet time... better than I ever realized". I'd rather know today that this life is a gift of God's grace and is to be treasured as a pointer to Himself and His abundant goodness.

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