Sunday, June 13, 2010

beet chocolate cake

I am an extremely messy cook... I'd really like to work on that. My husband, or my mom, could share a long list of kitchen mess horror stories they've witnessed or experienced during my cooking. It's really not good. As I cooked my very experimental beet chocolate cake this evening my kitchen was splattered in purple dye from counter tops and stove top to the floor! I'm pretty sure early pioneers could've and should've (maybe they really did) used beets to naturally dye their fabrics, I'm sure it would work! In the process I also drop so much, Grace I promise this is TRUE! I dropped my food processor bowl today and it cracked. Now I'm really hoping that Cuisinart makes it possible for me to order a replacement bowl only. We'll see. So not only are messes made under normal conditions when you drop things like spatulas with batter they of course splatter. Then I dropped my bundt pan in the process of flouring it... what does that mean, a cloud of flour! So if you came into my house mid-cooking project you would've found, purple beet juice everywhere (including all over me), flour sprinkled all over my black yoga pants, and counter tops covered in a combo of ingredients that may have been spilled during the process. I hope this doesn't discourage you from eating at our home again... things are always clean to start with and end with. The middle just gets messy! Just a confession I thought I'd share. Now I need to check this beet chocolate cake and see how it's doing. It had great potential I think. The following quality ingredients even Martha might endorse... 1) organic milk 2) organic eggs 3) farm fresh beets 4) Ghirardelli chocolate 5) enriched flour - I'm hopeful!


Victoria Osborn said...

Laura only the best cooks learn from messy kitchens. I'm sure your cake will come out wonderful. Last Thanksgiving I made butternut squash soup. I went to puree it in the blender and must have not secured the lid because the next thing I knew soup was all over me, my kitchen and the ceiling!!!!

The Blackley Tribe said...

Laura, its good to hear that your life isn't totally organized as I often imagine it to be ;)
Jason is freaking out about you making ANYTHING with beets...he HATES them! If you're looking for another way to eat beets try making a foil packet, slicing them thin and baking or grilling them with rosemary and basalmic vinegrette in the packet. Grilling them is the best, but baking would work. They're yummy!

Grace Wheeler said...

Okay, I believe, pregnancy makes everyone a little extra clumsy! So sorry you dropped your processor bowl :( Maybe you could request it as a shower gift? ha!