Tuesday, September 23, 2008

an unfortunately crazy day

Well, a bit of venting... I'd rather not have the posts very often. So, today this was my excitement. After having a fairly "fine" morning (in spite of being shown one bloody lip which was the result of a series of daily after school fights between two darlings) we came back from lunch hoping for a similarly "fine" afternoon. Our center time went pretty well--(other than one child who ran away-for the second day in a row-after being publicly corrected, which I shouldn't be doing because his IEP indicates that any corrections send him into depression...) which is a big plus as students work independently at literacy centers for at least 40 minutes or so while I work with smaller groups and book sets. Then we needed to take our afternoon bathroom break. My dear friend who is bipolar and often unmedicated gathered her coloring book and crayons to take with us. I told her these supplies would not be necessary and that no one would be coloring in the hall either. She became very aggravated but with great hesitation followed us into the hall. The longer we were in the hall the wilder she became... all over the coloring book. Finally, she ran away from me and went into the room where she held the door shut from the inside. When the rest of the students entered (she finally let go) she hit two of them in her coloring book tantrum. The consequence for hitting is moving a stick which says H and stands for "hands or feet on others or property" and as a result losing 2 minutes of recess... most kids would recover... too bad these kids are so easily set off. She began screaming shouting and pulling the sticks off the wall and throwing them. Next she reached for a chair and held it above her head coming toward me... every now and then she slammed it on the ground for the terrifying effects she hoped to have. In the meantime one audacoious other student comes up to me saying "Mrs. Peery, Mrs. Peery" ready to tattle about another chaotic bit errupting on the carpet. I couldn't believe it! I backed to the phone and called our security who came to the rescue. If only they totally took care of things I would be happy. Unfortunatly, they just sent her to another room for the rest of the day and she joined us for recess. I wonder what these children are learning about behavior and consequences?! CRAZY!!! That's the rant... and a rant it is.

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